Writing & Telling our Tales

What will I be Mentored about?

Feeling stressed and anxious? Let’s discuss! We want to introduce you to an effective way to de-stress: creative writing! This is a beginner’s workshop, so don’t worry we will teach you how to write! You’ll learn about the impact of stress and anxiety but you’ll also learn how to express your stress and anxiety through fun and creative storytelling. By the end of this workshop, you will be completing a simple childhood or fairytale story of your own, but the villain will be your biggest enemy, for example: examinations, online classes, evil professors etc. All we need you to bring is a paper, pen or pencil, and yourself!

Who is Teaching This Course

Pearl Gandhi

Hi, I am Pearl! I am a fourth year student in university studying early childhood studies, hoping to graduate in 2021. I joined SAWC because I believe this is an incredible opportunity to make a difference through empathy-based mentoring and equally an opportunity to learn from students across South Asia! I am so excited to host a mentorship workshop through SAWC and apply the knowledge I have learned while in post-secondary. In my free time, I love spending time with my loved ones, going on long walks, listening to bollywood music, and experimenting with vegetarian cooking!

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Sakshi Singh

I am a final year student of Delhi University pursuing Economics & Human Resource Management. Mentoring & teaching young minds have always been on my bucket list and therefore, I am here in SAWC. Volunteering for mental health, climate change & education since 2015. Psychology is something which intrigues me a lot. I love to dance, draw & act. Watching & experiencing good content makes me happy. I believe to share & hear stories & experiences from across South Asia. Let's learn by teaching each other!!!

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