Online High School! Dealing with the stress of online classes

What will I be Mentored about?

Can they hear me? Do I have to turn my camera on ? Do I look okay? Do they understand me? Why am I the only one speaking? What if I say something wrong? These are just a few examples of the thoughts that run through our head in an online environment. Our session is a safe space to discuss these different problems, understand each other’s fears and work together to find solutions to build our confidence! We aim to tackle these problems by having an open and friendly conversation, role-playing, understanding the difficulties of working at home. Join us on this journey to becoming the best version of our virtual selves!

Who is Teaching This Course

Anoushka Gehani

Hi! I'm Anoushka. I'm in my first year of university. I haven't decided what specific subject to major in, but I'm leaning towards computer science and philosophy. I love getting to know people. I joined SAWC because I've faced the backlash of having unprofessional mentors and want to make sure no one goes through that. I'm looking forward to aid making the SAWC program successful, while learning alongside too. I love reading, spending time in nature and playing any sport.

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Gevitha Anbarasu

Hey! My name is Gevitha! (she/her) I am a final-year Politics student at Queen Mary University London. I am a Tamil-Singaporean feminist with a passion for Journalism :) I joined SAWC because I believe a true mentorship experience comes from shared experiences and creating open, safe spaces. I am excited to hold discussions with South-Asian students about issues such as mental health awareness and why this is important. Mentorship and teaching has been a valuable part of my own journey and I hope to inspire others too!

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Lisa Sebastian

Hey! My name is Lisa and I am in my second year of university studying Law. I joined SAWC as a mentor, because I am passionate about helping younger people excel in their academic lives. I hope I can help and guide students on the programme, with some of the amazing sessions we have planed. In my free time I enjoy spending time with family and singing.

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