Factors to consider while shortlisting universities

What will I be Mentored about?

Our choices have multiplied in the past few decades and the way it seems to be going, this trend will continue. In this overflowing flood of choices, how do we decide which institute is right for us? Vocational or non-vocational education? Traditional or Liberal Arts? Do I want to continue living at home? New or Old universities? Placements or Higher Education after completing undergraduate? How will I finance my education? And this list goes on and on… There is no one answer that fits all, however, if we try we can mould an answer unique to oneself.

Who is Teaching This Course

Yasashvi Paarakh

Hi, I am Yasashvi! I am a freshman at Ashoka University and hoping to major in Economics and Finance. I joined SAWC because, in the past, I have had many positive mentorship experiences who have helped shape me and guide me through my journey and it would be an amazing opportunity to do the same for others. I love reading anything at all, enjoy writing as well. Looking forward to talk to you in and out of camps!

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