Exploring the world of humanities - academics and beyond

What will I be Mentored about?

While growing up we all heard that “Humanities” is only for those who are not good at studies and even if pursued, students will eventually remain unemployed. In our session, we would like to discuss how relevant this statement is. Does this statement hold true in today’s world? In our webinar, students will meet with panellists who have pursued humanities and are currently doing well in their particular fields. Students, by interacting with panellists will have a chance to decide for themselves - is it truly worth it to invest time studying humanities?

Who is Teaching This Course

Chirodip Naha

Hi, I am Chirodip, I am a third year Undergraduate student at Ashoka University, I am majoring in Political Science and minoring in Creative Writing and Media Studies. I always loved teaching, and mentoring my juniors. So, I am very happy to be part of SAWC. As a creative writing minor, I love reading and writing, I do a read a book a week and that's my favorite pass time, apart from that I love to play Squash and Tennis. Through the SAWC program, I am really looking forward to meet you all and have lots of fun together.

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Nikitha Reddy

Hi! I'm Nikitha. I am an undergraduate student (class of 2021) studying history and political science. The first time I played the role of a mentor was a couple of years ago and it was truly a valuable and enriching phase. Through SAWC, I wish to experience it again and would love to be the point of contact to the mentees. On a side note, I listen to a lot of country pop and watch a lot of cricket and tennis too.

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