Boundaries: Where do we draw the invisible line that separates our personal space, feelings and needs from others?

What will I be Mentored about?

Do you ever find yourself saying yes, even when you really want to say no? Or do things that you don’t want to, for the sake of making others happy? When we find ourselves in an uneasy situation where we push ourselves beyond what we can handle, it probably means that we have not yet set healthy boundaries in our lives. A boundary is an imaginary line that separates us from others. It sets personal limits (physical space, feelings, needs, and responsibilities) and also shows others where they should draw the line when it comes to us. It allows for safe and healthy relationships, and helps us to stay in control of our mental wellbeing.

In this session, we will introduce the meaning of boundaries and explain emotional, material, time/energy, physical, and mental boundaries. We will explore how far we are willing to push ourselves and will try to understand what is and what is not comfortable for us. We will also have discussions about consent- the permission we give to others to do something concerning us. Through this, we aim to stimulate the students to self-reflect and create self-awareness to the point that they are able to apply boundaries to their own lives.

Who is Teaching This Course

Manvi Mehta

Hi! I'm Manvi! I am currently studying Psychology, Sociology and Statistics in my second year of University. I love movies, animals, nature and photography. I'm also a huge bookworm so in my free time I love reading novels! I joined SAWC because teaching and mentoring are things I'm really passionate about. Having had the experience of being mentored by some wonderful people, I would love to be able to do the same for others and contribute in any way I can. Very excited to be a part of this!

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Ateka Tambawala

Hi💕 My name is Ateka (she/her) and i’m a second year student of psychology, sociology and history! I love music, movies and painting- I’m also a trained Bharatanatyam dancer and a makeup artist. I joined the SAWC team because I love interacting with and learning from new people, and I can’t wait to share this mentorship experience with you!

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