FAQ - Students

Does it cost anything to take a class?

All classes are completely freeā€”our goal is to make education as equitable as possible.

Do I need to have any previous experience in the class topic to enroll in a class?

Not at all. Anyone can take any class they are interested in.

When will courses be released?

Check the course list here!

What does mentorship mean?

A process by which people can get guidance for their academic and professional interests by those who have prior experience in those areas.

What is SAWC mentorship model?

The SAWC model has group and individual mentorship opportunities. In group mentorship, students can attend sessions on youth wellness, academic exploration and opportunities, and pre-professional guidance. In individual mentorship, students will get paired with a mentor and complete six mentorship sessions following the SAWC Mentorship Workbook field with fun activities, frameworks, and resources.

What are the mentorship events?

Check the group mentorship event list here!

Who are SAWC's teachers and mentors?

College and university students and young professionals in many different fields including the arts, humanities, sciences, engineering, and medicine. You can find their instructor bios here and mentor bios here!