FAQ - Parents

What is the South Asian Winter Camp (SAWC)?

SAWC is an academic and mentorship program for secondary school students across South Asia that is led by college and university students. The program consists of classes, mentorship sessions and workshops and panels led by young people, for young people.

Who are my children talking to?

They will be talking to university students and young professionals in their classes, group mentorship sessions, and individual meetings with mentors. These students and professionals have an interest in and connection to South Asia. They will provide academic knowledge and professional advice through classes with other students and mentorship programming. We have given all teachers and mentors training in effective teaching, mentorship, and ethical service

What are the qualifications of the organization leaders and teachers/mentors?

All organization leaders, teachers, and mentors are currently students in higher education institutions or young professionals working in many different industries. We have worked with them to develop expertise in the academic and mentorship programming that they are leading.

What are the benefits for my kids?

What is the purpose of SAWC?

SAWC aims to create

SAWC is an effort to bring together college students and young professionals and secondary-school students in an environment where they feel comfortable being themselves and confident to explore their academic, personal and professional passions. It is more than just an opportunity to learn, it is an opportunity to meet diverse individuals, have meaningful conversations, and build lifelong friendships.

How can parents contact the organization?