FAQ - Teachers

What are the requirements to become a teacher?

To become a teacher in SAWC you must be:

  • a college student
  • interested in South Asia and education
  • there is no prior teaching experience or formal prerequisites required

  • What will the structure of classes be?

    Classes will be composed of 15 secondary school school students and taught by 2 college students. Each class will meet about 4-6 times over the course of the two week winter camp.

    What kinds of classes can mentors teach?

    Absolutely anything! There is no constraint in terms of the subjects or areas your class needs to fall within. We will work with you to design an effective and engaging class for whatever you may want to teach!

    How much time commitment is required?

    In the weeks leading up to the camp, we will conduct interactive training sessions and help you develop the content and methods for your class. During the camp itself, you will be teaching your class and mentoring students. We estimate that this will take about 6 hours a week, but that depends on the mentor! Please contact us if you have any concerns about the time commitment, we are eager to support our mentors in every way possible.

    Um...What is SAWC again?

    SAWC is a two-week online winter camp which connects college students with South Asian high school students to engage in interactive classes in non-traditional subjects and provide culturally-tailored mentorship.

    Why should I be a teacher?

    There are lots of benefits to being a SAWC mentor! This includes the opportunity to

  • Interact with students from South Asia and learn from their lived experiences
  • Learn how to design curricula and effectively teach in an online setting
  • Guide students through their academic exploration and think about life after highschool
  • Meet other mentors and connect with college students from around the globe

  • Do I need to have prior experience teaching/designing a class?

    The quick answer is no, you do not. We will work with you and help you understand what goes into designing curriculum and figuring out all aspects (content, teaching format, assignments) of a class. We want mentors that are passionate about their subjects of choice and love connecting with others over that passion, but do not require any prior teaching experience.

    Do I need to be South Asian to apply?

    Nope! We want students that are interesting in learning from and interacting with students from the region, but do not require that you identify as South Asian.