Dear stress, let’s break up

What will I Learn?

Every Friday, Saturday between Dec 18 to Jan 3
06:00 pm to 07:00 pm IST

The advent of COVID-19 has further aggravated the stress students face in their everyday life. We welcome you to an exploration of stress, personal development, and strategies that will empower and equip you with a practical toolkit to tackle patterns that trigger the onset of stress in your life. A convergence of the Social Sciences (Psychology) and Life Sciences (Biology) to help you transform adversity to strength.

By the end of the course, you will
  • Be able to understand the grassroots of stress and identify sources and individual triggers.

  • Be able to develop a practical toolkit to manage stress in everyday life and demonstrate an increase in personal resilience.

  • Display an increased understanding of personal growth and quantify their progress through reflection.

Who is Teaching This Course

Akanksha Agarwal

Gap Year

Hello wonderful people! I’m Akanksha. I am keen on exploring the convergence between Psychology, Biology and Philosophy, embracing the humanity that encapsulates each one of us and changing the world. Thrilled to have you on board Team stress less!
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Arushi Grover

Human Resources Management, York University

Hi everyone! I'm a BA'18 Psychology & Speech Sciences major from the University of British Columbia. Currently I'm pursuing my HRM certificate from York University. I look forward to learning with you! Fun fact about me: For 11 years my beautiful turtles Tutu and Putu gave me so much joy! They still do - only I have recently found out that they are tortoises! Oops.
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Nishka Mishra

Psychology, Ashoka University

I'm a psychology major with an additional interest in philosophy and creative writing. My interests include music (listening to and occasionally singing), watching Netflix shows and stand-up comedy, and spending time with my pet dog! I've been told that I'm the person to go if someone needs a last-minute editor for their 3000-word essay or if someone just wants to know how someone could be more terrified of roaches than snakes.
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