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What will I Learn?

Every Friday, Saturday between Dec 18 to Jan 3
08:00 pm to 09:00 pm IST

This course will explore how apps, websites and digital products are built. We will be guiding the students to think in terms of coding and design principles which start from preliminary research to delivery.

By the end of the course, you will
  • Solve logical problems through programming and implementing basic algorithms.

  • Understand and implement design research methods and use those observations to build apps and websites to attract users.

  • Analyse how apps, websites are built by combining coding and design principles.

Who is Teaching This Course

Aarav Varshney

Computer Science, Ashoka University

I love learning about new developments in CS and always become a kid again when I see/use a new tech. I have a really cute Indie pup, she's 6 months and runs really really fast!
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Bahana Saikia

Economics, Miranda House, University of Delhi

I am a UI/UX Designer who loves experimenting with weird themes! Off the virtual world, you'll find me with a cup of warm tea in hand, petting animals while taking a BuzzFeed quiz about what type of roadway I am.
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