What is a Nation? Reflecting on South Asia

What will I Learn?

Every Saturday, Sunday between Dec 18 to Jan 3
11:00 am to 12:00 pm IST

We will explore how the concepts of a state and a nation have changed since the 1500s, especially on the transition from multicultural empires (like the Mughal Empire) to the nation state (like India and Pakistan). We will seek to explore questions like why Empires have fallen, and why our world is divided into countries? As an example, we will talk about British rule in South Asia to understand its impact on South Asia and the development of nationalism in the subcontinent.

By the end of the course, you will
  • Define states and nations, and the way these concepts have developed over the last 500 years

  • Better understand British rule in South Asia and how it changed South Asian society and politics

  • Understand South Asian identities and nation-building;

Who is Teaching This Course

Ravichandra Tadigadapa

Economics and International Relations, Stanford University

Hi! I am Ravichandra Tadigadapa (Ravi), a senior at Stanford University from Mumbai, India. I am double majoring in Economics and International Relations, with interests in economic development, electoral politics, and human rights. Excited to get to know you all this winter!
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Saavan Myneni

Economics, University of Pennsylvania

Hi! My name is Saavan and I am an economics student at the University of Pennsylvania. I am interested in law and politics and plan to attend law school after university. Outside of school, I love to follow sports and read. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk about anything listed here!
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