Hero #1: A History of the Hero through Bollywood

What will I Learn?

Every Saturday, Sunday between Dec 18 to Jan 3
10:00 am to 11:00 am IST

Films have the power to transform us-- they give us iconic lines to live by, show us worlds beyond our imagination and, most importantly, heroes that we can identify with and root for-- all in a couple of hours. In this course, students will answer the question: how do they do this? Student will watch clips from Bollywood movies of the past and present and learn how the idea of the hero in film has changed over the years. Students will learn the fundamentals of film technique and storytelling and, through in-class activities, harness these techniques to create their own hero-narratives.

By the end of the course, you will
  • Discuss the identity and definition of a ‘hero’ in Bollywood film through various examples

  • Learn the fundamentals of film theory (themes, plot, symbolism, music) and engage critically on how these elements intersect to create a compelling narrative

  • Be able to analyze and evaluate how the representation of the hero in Indian cinema has been affected by the social and cultural norms of the time, and engage on the idea that film can be both, a mirror and a modifier, of society

  • Work on crafting their own hero-narrative. Creating and sharing stories will allow them to develop and apply critical thinking, communication and public-speaking skills

Who is Teaching This Course

Saloni Sanwalka

History, Stanford University

Saloni is a third-year student at Stanford University, interested in storytelling in all shapes and forms. She is a die-hard film and television buff, loves all kinds of food, and can't wait to travel again. In lockdown, she has picked up a passion for ice-cream making and fitness and is always happy to talk about anything under the sun, from the latest Indian Supreme Court judgement to the importance of memes.
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Avi Anurag

Mathematics, University of Chicago

I'm a 3rd year at UChicago, and I'm from Mumbai/Singapore. I'm interested in Mathematics and Cinema and Media Studies, and I'm studying both at college. I love playing the drums and obsessively creating music playlists. I've recently taken up long distance road cycling and have really been enjoying that!
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