Who gets sick and who gets treated?: Intro to Global Health

What will I Learn?

Every Saturday, Sunday between Dec 18 to Jan 3
10:00 am to 11:00 am IST

"Why is it that certain countries have been more successful tackling COVID-19 than others? If a vaccine will be necessary to end the pandemic, who should get it first? In this course, you will answer these questions and more, by reflecting on your own experiences and connecting them to larger global health concepts and case studies. You will understand how you can build a world where no one dies of preventable diseases and where injustice has a cure. "

By the end of the course, you will
  • Analyze the factors that influence people’s health and find out how they are tied to larger issues like poverty and climate change

  • Discover how many topics are connected in Global Health, including politics, economics, biology, society, and culture

  • Learn about inspiring examples of action, leadership, and change in Global Health.

  • They will be left with the question, “How can we get involved?”

Who is Teaching This Course

Manya Gupta

Global Health, University of Pennsylvania

SHello! I'm Manya from Jaipur, currently on a gap year before university. I'm really passionate about global health from a policy lens. I enjoy debate, reading rom-coms, and anything coffee flavoured.
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Anushka Goel

Biology and Global Health, Duke University

Hi everyone! My name is Anushka and I'm currently on a gap year before entering Duke University next August. While I was born in Haryana, India, I currently live in California, US. I love biology and aspire to become a doctor in the future, working in the field of global health! In my free time, I enjoy watching films (both Hollywood and Bollywood) and TED Talks. I'm so excited for this course!
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