An Introduction to Subcontinental Studies

What will I Learn?

Every Friday, Saturday between Dec 18 to Jan 3
08:00 pm to 09:00 pm IST

Have you ever thought about why Shah Jahan’s beloved Taj lies in India, while his father’s tomb is in Lahore? Or whether it was just a coincidence that there happens to be a ‘Panjab’ on one side and a ‘Punjab’ on the other? Introduction to South Asian Studies is taught by teachers from India as well as Pakistan- it defies borders and will provide a balanced understanding of the subcontinent’s shared history. You will study about British rule, its impact on our society, the road towards Independence, and the politics and consequences of Partition.

By the end of the course, you will
  • Explain how British colonial rule, specifically the introduction of English education and the policy of divide and rule, has shaped the subcontinent’s current society

  • Illustrate the process by which “normal” ideas in society are formed, such as the idea of the ‘Male Gaze’ and ‘Western Gaze’

  • Criticize the role that “normal” ideas and mainstream historical narratives play in their lives in an essay or discussion format.

Who is Teaching This Course

Jaya Yadav

English Literature, University of Delhi

Jaya Yadav is an Assistant Professor at the University of Delhi, teaching undergraduate students English Literature. She is also a PhD Scholar, working on contemporary South Asian Literature. She is passionate about revisiting historical sites, and has worked on common themes of culture, food and language in the region. Apart from being an avid poet, she also works to step up her latte art skills in her spare time. She spent her childhood across Turkmenistan, England and Nepal and is currently based in India.
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Laraib Chaudhary

History + Political Science, University of Toronto

I am a passionate, yet intrinsically curious pre-Partition patriot who is always trying to find answers about the subcontinent's collective history. I love all things aesthetically cultural (that does not include desi aunties). I exercise my passion through snippets of history and insightful conversations. Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong time because I love to live and truly absorb the world around me- if you're into that too and need a buddy, you know how to contact me.
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