What will I do?

Teach a course on any subject of your choosing:
  • Teach in pairs
  • Class size - 15 secondary school students
  • 4-6 classes over 2-week camp
  • Be a personal and academic mentor to students

What is the work like?

Before the camp, you will:
  • Attend workshops on curriculum design, online teaching, effective mentorship, etc.
  • Research the subject you are teaching
  • Create lesson plans
  • Iterate on lesson plans with feedback from the team
  • Coordinate with your teaching partner for all of the above

The Timeline

Oct 10,11
Teacher pairing & teaching workshops
Oct 16
Curriculum proposal due
Oct 17,18
Mentorship, diversity workshops
Oct 30
Curriculum 1st draft due
Nov 14,15
Curriculum peer review
Nov 20
Curriculum 2nd draft due
Dec 4
Curriculum final draft due
Dec 21
Anticipated start date for camp

What's the time commitment?

  • Given the work description and the timeline, we see you spending at most 6-8 hours/week before the camp
  • We will be as flexible as possible to accommodate SAWC into your schedule
  • You may spend between 2-8 hours/week before the camp, entirely subject to how you choose to divide your work

SAWC's 2020 Camp has concluded.

For updates on the next round of the camp, follow us on