Our Mission

SAWC connects South Asian college and secondary school students to create:
• Student-centered, experiential and interactive learning experiences in diverse subjects that promote independent thought, critical thinking, and the ability to engage with others’ opinions.
• Genuine and sustainable mentor-mentee relationships that promote personal and academic growth for both mentors and mentees.

Program Details

- Two-week online winter camp offering courses in diverse subjects to South Asian secondary school students
- The camp will be held in late December/early January
- Each course consists of 4-6 classes, of ~ 15 students, each student can enroll in at most 2 courses
- Courses are taught by college students in teaching pairs
- The camp will include a mentorship program for students to access personal and academic guidance

Why did we start SAWC?

We know that traditional South Asian classrooms may stifle individuality, and offer a narrow set of subjects through which to understand the world.
The COVID-19 pandemic and the shift to remote schooling has further disrupted learning around the world.
SAWC is an effort to bring together college and secondary-school students in an environment where they feel comfortable being themselves. It is more than just an opportunity to learn, it is an opportunity to meet diverse individuals, have meaningful conversations, and build lifelong friendships.

Meet Our Team

Amita Gondi

Director of Technology

Aryan Singh

Co-Director of Curriculum Design

Harleen Kaur

Director of Design and Research

Komal Kumar

Director of Mentorship

Megha Parwani

Project Director

Minha Khan

Project Director

Saket Myneni

Director of Finance and Mentorship

Smiti Mittal

Co-Director of Curriculum Design

Tanvi Dutta Gupta

Director of Outreach